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Client: Audi India
Magazine name: Audi India Magazine
Frequency: Quarterly
Language: English
Readership: 38,000
Period: Jan-March 2015

About Audi India Magazine
The Audi India magazine is a tangible manifestation of the brand‘s core values, and is every bit a reflection of emotions and aspirations that the brand is associated with. As young Indians step into a world of opportunity and ambition, there’s a rising sense of values steeped in tradition with a hint of modernity. The Audi India magazine is a quarterly offering, which is an expression of the good things in life that come with owning an Audi. With the magazine, Audi India wishes to give you a peek into a world that has luxury and splendor at its forefront. The magazine will have you spellbound with its breathtaking photographs, larger than life stories and second-to-none credibility. The Audi India magazine is every bit desirable as an Audi itself.
About Audi India
Audi vehicles are an amalgamation of perfection and heritage. The brand itself evokes a sense of thrill, an adrenalin rush and an indescribable emotion. Sit behind the wheel and you’ll know in an instant what we are talking of! The class, the elegance and the power course through your veins, thanks to a motorsport history that is rich and replete with laurels. What makes the drive even more exciting is that you are steering a leader. In India, Audi leads the luxury car segment. The Audi India magazine is the perfect medium for our readers to get an insight of one of world‘s best and the biggest automotive manufacturers. Hear, hear!


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